In July of 1964, the Audette family decided to build a campground in the back of their property.     They had watched the numerous campers go by who were turned down by the State Campground due to over capacity.  Realizing that their property was only 2 1/2 miles west of Silver City, MI,  in the great Porcupine Mountains, and on the shores of Lake Superior, this was a decision that sparked the creation of the Union River Campground.  
In the beginning of the campground history they started with 12 campsites.  There was no electricity and had only pit toilets.  Eventually, within the next 12 years they created 53 campsites with the addition of a modern shower facility built in 1972.  "I remember coming home from school and on weekends working on this once very big project with my Dad.  This strengthening the very strong bond we had."
In 1999 due to the poor health of my Dad, the campground was closed, and it's future uncertain. 
In 2005 my wife and I bought the property from my Mom and have been working diligently to supply you with a great campging experience.  We are very proud to say we are ready to greet you as our friends and welcome you to our campground.    

                                                                                       Dan & Deb Audette
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